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Our Mental Health Department was Started in the year 1993.Today this department was grown up as one of the best well established mental health service providing centre in South India. We have well qualified Medical Practioners, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, Nurses with Psychiatric specialization and experienced other staffs.

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Admission Procedure

  • Admission is done on a voluntary basis or by the request of a close relative
  • When a patient is brought to the department to be admitted as an inpatient, the patient’s nearest relatives/responsible persons should accompany him/her.
  • Those who accompany the patient must consult the doctor and tell him in detail all about the patient, the nature and symptoms of his illness and in turn get informed of the nature of treatment the patient is going to be given.
  • When the patient is admitted, a passport size photograph of the patient along with a copy of a photo identity card should be given at the counter.
  • If the patient is admitted for the first time, the following details should be made available:
    1. The form intended to collect the patient’s identification information
    2. Psychiatric/alcoholic assessment form
    3. Consent signed by the person responsible for the patient
  • The information furnished (address, phone number, details about the persons accompanying the patient etc) should be exact, honest and clear. The person filling up the form will be held responsible for complications due to non-compliance of this instruction
  • The patient is admitted to the hospital on the guarantee of the persons accompanying him/her. The companions should strictly obey the instructions of the psychiatrist or the social worker during the course of treatment. (Visiting the patient, family counseling etc.)
  • Patients having General Medical Conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Bronchial Asthma, Epilepsy, Head Injury, Suicidal Tendency, Medico Legal issues etc will be admitted with bystanders only. The decision for transferring the patient to Sacred Heart block without bystander will be decided by the concerned Consultant after getting fitness from the Physician and other Specialists.
  • Expenses on the account of medical treatment, dietary expenses etc should be clearly understood and an amount should be remitted at the counter in advance.
  • During the time of admission things for patient daily usage want to provide as per the list given. During the treatment period if the things will finish or not in condition for usage the person who is responsible want to provide these things. Otherwise hospital will provide those things and the amount should be added to the patient account
  • Persons responsible for the patient must visit the doctor once in fortnight for enquiry about the progress of the treatment, collect the pass for patient visit and pay up the bills. They should talk to the duty nurse or the counselor for more details.
  • The OP ticket issued at the time of admission should be brought at the time of every visit.
    1. Days on which patient can be visited : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
    2. Time of visit: 09:00AM to 12:00 Noon; 01:00PM to 03:00PM
  • Valuables like ornaments, mobile phones or cash should not be left with the patient. Nor will they be allowed to use them during hospitalization. If there are such things with the patient when they are brought to hospital, persons responsible for the patient should take charge of such articles.
  • If articles not allowed with the patient are lost during hospitalization, the hospital or staff will not be responsible for such losses.
  • When visiting the hospital for follow-up treatment, the OP card must be produced.
  • Those who want to book consultation of a doctor should give the name of the patient, OP number and the name of the doctor.
  • OP will not be available on Saturday and Sunday


De-Addiction Unit

We have facilities for both IP and OP De-addiction treatment. Alcohol Dependence is one of the most common progressive Neuropsychiatric disorders influenced by the genetic factors in the community. Due to the unawareness and lacunae of facilities, many of the patients are not getting adequate scientific De-addiction treatment. At this centre we offer a scientific approach to the patient with drug dependence combining Pharmacotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation strategies. All patients who are brought for treatment are evaluated in detail.

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Adult Psychiatry

We provide OP and IP treatments for all major Psychiatric challenges like Schizophrenia, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Recurrent Depressive Disorders, Organic Brain Disorders. We provide the Bio-Psycho-Social approach with Pharmacotherapy, Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation steps. The relatives are trained for managing their Expressed Emotions and to tackle difficult situations in the future. We help them to find out appropriate Rehabilitation centres for the chronically ill persons.

Geriatric Psychiatry

We take care of the behavioural problems of the elderly persons- Dementia, Late onset Psychosis or Depression. As we are having all other specialities we are able to manage their General Medical conditions as well.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

As truly said youth are the wealth of the nation. But behavioural problems of children and adolescents are on the rise in our community because of various reasons like Changing family system, Peer influences, School context and experiences and multiple stressors. We aim at improving the various mental health challenges in Children like Mental Retardation, Learning Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorders, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorders, Anxiety disorders, Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Mood disorders. We do the Behavioural Intervention therapies along with the parents of children who are mentally challenged and aim at a fruitful future for them.

Suicide Prevention Clinic

Kerala is ranking third in the nation for the suicide rates. Managing suicidal risks and other co morbid conditions is one of the major aims of this clinic. We conduct various Classes to General public, Schools, NGOs and other medical professionals regarding Suicide Prevention Strategies. Along with KRISIS by Department of Psychiatry, Government Medical College, Kottayam we are able to give awareness classes to various groups at Idukki District.

Community Psychiatry

We are joining hands with the District Mental Health Programme team Of Idukki District for providing Community Psychiatry Services. We are providing services to the various institutions in the nearby places which are looking after the mentally challenged persons.

Sacred Heart Human Resource Development Centre, Muttom

The SHHRD Centre at Muttom is the Rehabilitation centre for females who are improved of their behavioural problems. There we give them Vocational Training, Regular follow up, ensure medication compliance and give the opportunities to improve their Quality of Life.

Counselling Services

Psychological Consultation for Child, Adolescent & Adult, Psychometry & Psycho Therapy: Generally used depending on patient problems. Different therapies under Psycho Therapy are:

  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Family Therapy: for family members husband, wife& child
  • Marital & Sex Therapy: for husband and wife

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  • Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting
  • A follow up program for De-addiction patients after discharge

Academic Activities

We are the first institution in Kerala to get approval for conducting Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing (DPN). We also have our Nursing school. We give academic training for B.Sc. Nursing and General Nursing students of various colleges. We also give training to the Psychiatric Social Workers from various institutions.

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